Why Emails Are Flagged as Spam?

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There are tons of reasons an email could be trapped within the spam filter, but tons of them are fairly technical and rare.
Instead, here are some common reasons:
Email Body Content
This is the particular content of your email message. If it's worded in it which is blacklisted by the spam filter, it'll be flagged as spam. to offer you a thought, words like “Viagra”, “Casino”, “Money”, “Drugs”, “Cash”, “Lottery” and a lot more don’t play well with spam filters.
Subject Lines
Similar to the email body content, using words that would trigger the spam filter.
Outbound links that are getting to domains that aren’t trusted.
Capital Letters
If you've got excessive capitalization in your email content body or within the subject line.
If you've got HTML code in your email signature which looks malicious.

Sending from a Blacklisted Mail Server (Host)
If your mail server has been blacklisted, this is often getting all of your emails blocked by spam filters. you ought to periodically check if your mail server has been blacklisted, and also found out alerts.

If you've got images in your email signature that are hosted on a website that has been blacklisted, then your email signature is probably going to cause your whole email to be marked as spam.
Attachments are usually scanned for viruses, so ensure your files are clean.

Font Colours and Sizes
If you've got fonts which are different sizes and colors, which will likely trigger spam filters.
Too Many Special Characters
Try to not use too many exclamation marks, question marks and the other special characters like hashes, percentage symbols.
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The incoming mail server can flag emails as spam.If your outgoing emails are marked as spam, you may need to change your wording, fonts and colors, too much capitalization, and reduce the number of special characters. If this doesn't work, consult technical experts.
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