май нейм из райт. Копи-райт!

deephouse | 09.07.2015, 12:11
Как изменить копирайт в joomla 3 на свой? Не могу найти  smile 
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filler | 09.07.2015, 14:43 #
Ой, там не сложно... Но надо будет залезть в файлик где он у тебя лежит... Где-то инструкция была. Вот https://joomla.shneider-host.ru/blog/ustano...pirait-v-joomla нашел) Я по этому мауалу его удалял, но как просто поменять там тоже написано.
juggteam03 | 19.07.2018, 03:36 #
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2017blackjackknife | 27.11.2019, 14:31 #

E-commerce is becoming increasingly hot and important for the greater retail landscape, and the sneaker marketplace is no exception.

Here, Footwear News profiles some of the top players in the industry, focusing on the online shopping platforms with stellar functionality, digital innovation, merchandise mix, content lineup and storytelling abilities.

Check out the ones you can expect big things from in e-commerce in 2019.

1. Michael Kors Store

What began as a womens bags quickly grew into an international luxury handbag manufacturer. These Michael Kors Outlet handbags are best known for their minimalist look.They combine sporty with flirty. They offer a wide selection of different styles for any woman seeking indulgence.The designs are meant to show a quiet elegance. Perfect for someone looking for luxury without standing out in a crowd. These features make Michael Kors one of the best high end purse brands.Launched in 2019, the Michael Kors bags combines comfort and luxury so you don’t have to sacrifice one for another. With a wide variety of colors and sizes, anyone can find their perfect match.

2.Coach Outlet Store

The name Coach will go down in history as one of the most famous fashion designers. From perfume to the little black bags, Coach Outlet Store exudes luxury.The brand has grown famous all around the world. It’s hard not to think about luxury handbags without thinking about Coach Outlet Store.Coach Outlet Store handbags are known for their quilted look. They are another example of quiet elegance. Everyone recognizes the double C logo of Coach Outlet Store on any purse.Before the 2019’s, there were no shoulder purses for women. It’s hard to imagine life without the convenience of a shoulder-strap purse.Coach Outlet design made it socially acceptable for women to carry a handbag on their shoulder. The Coach Bag is the most iconic Coach Outlet Store bag to date.Coach Outlet Store had a purpose behind every detail of the bag. Certain designs were based on memories or ideals. The inside color, for instance, is the same color as the uniforms of the orphanage where Coach grew up. The lock on the bag is called the “Mademoiselle” Lock. This is in reference to Coach never marrying.

3. Jordan Pas Cher INC Store

www.jordanpascherinc.com, or more popularly known as Air Jordan, is an American athletic apparel and shoe brand which is owned by popular NBA star Michael Jordan. Started in 1984, the shoes were available for the consumers in 1985. Initially, Michael was the designer for the shoes but later Nike brought onboard Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore, and Tinker Hatfield to design the shoes.

4.Adidas Outlet Store

Ultra Boost 2019 is a designer formal shoe brand from German which is very popular among the opulent business class. These are hand-crafted genuine leather Italian dress shoes that are suitable for official as well as formal occasions. Having some of the most popular brand Adidas have helped this shoe brand gain even more popularity.

5. Nike Outlet Store

Nike Outlet Store is by far one of the most popular shoe brands amongst teenagers and young adults alike. This iconic American shoe company was founded in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts by Nike but was bought by Nike in 2003. Nike had been the few shoe makers who managed to dominate the highly-competitive American shoe market for more than half a century.

6. Scarpe Sport Store

Scarpe Sport Outlet is regarded as one of the most popular Italian shoemakers in the world. Founded in 1895 by Scarpe Sport in Marche, Italy it is now headquartered in Paris, France. This is a subsidiary of the LVMH conglomerate and specializes in bespoke and handmade shoes made in unique finishing from genuine calfskin, kangaroo, and alligator leather.

7. Zapatos Rebajas Store

www.zapatosrebajas.com is another popular shoe brand from Spain. The Zapatos Rebajas International Limited is a global manufacturer of sportswear and shoes. It was established in 2018 by Nene in Barcelona, Spain. Adidas acquired the brand in 2018.

8. Shoe Dazzle Store

This is a popular formal Heels brand from America which is best known for designing, sourcing, marketing and distributing genuine men’s footwear and apparels. It was founded in 1850 in Newark, New Jersey by www.shoedazzlestore.com, but is now based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The brand sells and markets its shoes in more than 90 countries worldwide.

9. Canada Goose Store

Best Down Jackets 2019, popularly known simply as Canada Goose, is a world-renowned Canada multinational corporation that is engaged in designing and manufacturing of athletic and casual Jackets and apparels. It was founded in 2018 as Canada Goose Store in Canada. In 2007, the French business group Kering bought Canada Goose.

10. Sneakers Low Price Store

The Newest Sneakers is another popular brand which is more famous among the slightly older generation than the teenagers and young adults but it has its own reputation and market niche in the shoe industry. This shoe company has focused on making highly affordable and very comfortable footwear while giving them a designer touch for uniqueness.

11. Fjallraven Store

For ten years, Fjallraven designs showcase a modern look on femininity. The brand combines traits from mens,womens and kids.This created a unique look and an almost cult following. The Fjallraven Bags Sale are no different. Each are designed with a unique look fitting for both women and men’s styles. The brand is always innovating and always thinking beyond the traditional scope of fashion.These luxury Kanken handbags are ideal for anyone looking for something different.Eye-catching and elegant, this Kanken bag has been drawing attention since it’s 2017 debut. The septum piercing in the center of the bag gives an edge to a classy look.The Kanken Bag comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Yet, the bag retains its utility with an adjustable shoulder strap and spacious interior.

These are the top 11 most popular online store website in the world today. These online store website emakers have been in the industry for decades, and even more than a century in some cases, to give their customer base the promised genuineness and high-quality along with the snazzy designs that are unique to every brand.
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