The Summer School "Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics"

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The Summer School "Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics" is an annual project organized and held by Student Science Association and the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" in Kiev, Ukraine. The prior aim of the project is to promote science among youth.

The courses are held by highly qualified lecturers and scientists from Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Russia and other countries. Such variety of the lecturers will provide the multinational environment for discussions on the hot topics of contemporary science and technology. Different teaching methods and techniques are used at the School including lectures, work- shops, round tables and presentations. Apart from educational program, exciting leisure activities such as excursions, debates and quest, cinema club, and parties are prepared for the participants.

This year program will be presented by 3 streams:
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Operational Research (OR)  - the aim of the Operational Research stream is to introduce some methods of mathematical analysis that allow better solutions dealing with the complex challenges from the real life of businesses and governments. Operational Research is truly interdisciplinary it unites diverse subjects such as financial models, transportation optimization and many others to provide better understanding of the world and improve the quality of decisions made. There are no requirements on preliminary experience of participants in Operational Research, but a good mathematical background would improve the personal learning outcome of the course.

Neuroscience (NS) - gives an overview of the field for students, postgraduates and young scientists mainly with physical and mathematical background and aims to give initial knowledge and induce interest to Neuroscience. The curriculum includes broad range of topics from subcellular level to cognition and social behaviour considered mainly from computational point of view. It provides all required information to understand biological bases of modelled processes.

Applied Computer Science (ACS) - will provide participants of the stream with an overview of most contemporary machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. Theoretical basis and practical implementation as well as application issues of these techniques shall be discussed. Participants are expected to have no significant prior knowledge. The only requirement is to be competent in probability theory and calculus at a high-school level. The course will include programming, but no prior experience in programming is demanded.

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