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it's essential that the space is comfortable for conducting your massage. If your partner/client feels uncomfortable throughout the massage, they're going to not enjoy it as much!Make sure they need somewhere comfortable to lie, like a bed, a soft rug or a correct massage table. Cover the surface with soft towels to stay them clean and freed from oil.Make sure the space is good and warm. Remember that your partner/client are going to be partly undressed for the duration of the massage, so you do not want them to be cold. Use an area heater if necessary.Make sure the space you employ for the massage is somewhere private where you'll not be disturbed by the other people, children or animals.Make sure you've got many fresh, clean towels available to be used during the massage.First you'll got to cover the surface you're performing on with towels so as to guard them from the massage oil (which can stain).
Secondly, you'll need towels to hide the your partner/client's body as you're employed on them. Ideally they ought to be stripped right down to their underwear to go away the maximum amount skin exposed as possible. Then you'll cover them with a towel to guard their modesty and to stay them warm while you're performing on each part.Thirdly, you'll need extra towels to wipe the surplus oil off you hands during and after the massage.
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